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14th August 2016

At 10.55am Holyhead Coastguard requested that Porthdinllaen RNLI lifeboat should launch to assist a broken down pleasure craft.

The 20ft Bayliner type craft, called the Blue Moon, had two people on board and had suffered mechanical failure approximately 10 miles North of Porthdinllaen Point.
The Blue Moon, which had set off earlier in the morning from Portdinorwig for a leisurely fishing trip, had suffered a drive coupling failure on their inboard engine which was not repairable at sea. Weather conditions were sunny with calm seas and only a slight breeze.
Upon arrival, the volunteer lifeboat crew from Porthdinllaen passed over a tow line to the Blue Moon and upon arrival at Porthdinllaen Bay, the boat was placed on a safe mooring.
The lifeboat then returned to the boathouse and was refuelled and ready for service at 12.45pm.
Ken Fitzpatrick, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Porthdinllaen RNLI, said: 'The Blue Moon suffered an unavoidable breakdown due to the failure of the engine drive coupling and the only option was to request a tow back to Porthdinllaen.'

New Boathouse Updates

Bam Nuttall February 2014 Newsletter

RNLI Porthdinllaen have received a new Tamar class lifeboat, the introduction of which is strategically key to the RNLI’s rescue service on the northwest coast of Wales. In order to house the new boat, BAM Nuttall in conjunction with the RNLI are undertaking works to construct a new lifeboat station at Porthdinllaen.

Due to the construction of the lifeboat station, it has been necessary for us to close the public footpath which runs through Lifeboat Bay. A diversion has been created, with steps constructed to take users up to the cliff top at the south end of the lifeboat cove. Public access to the breakwater to the north of the lifeboat station is still possible. Signs have been located where necessary to inform users of the diversion. Please be aware that the lifeboat bay should not be intruded upon due to health and safety.  A viewing and information hut has been erected on the cliff top by the footpath diversion. Inside the hut is a board displaying information about the works, the current progress, images and other pertinent information for public viewing.

We are fully aware of the potential for disruption that these works carry and have undertaken extensive planning works prior to our arrival on site. These included the creation of a refuge on the beach to handle all deliveries by sea in order to remove heavy traffic on local roads, and establishing a compound just outside Morfa Nefyn to house the site offices to prevent visual intrusion on the peninsula.

The new boathouse will be in operation from March 2014. In late 2012, the boathouse and slipway were demolished, allowing for the installation of steel and concrete foundations and a Ground Source Heat Pump (which provides green heating for the new boathouse) in early 2013. The concrete walls and floor of the lower level were poured, the internal blockwork walls and the external stone facing were all completed in the first half of 2013. The upper level of the boathouse was constructed from a timber frame with timber roof and walls and timber cladding, and the roof has been clad in copper. Underfloor heating has been installed in the crew areas, along with studwork walls. Since the summer, we have used a crane and a large jack-up barge to act as a platform from which the installation of the slipway can be completed. A new automatic gate was constructed at the entrance of Nefyn and District Golf Course and netting was erected at the cliff top to prevent intrusion onto the site by golf balls

This month the interior of the building will be completed, including the plumbing, electrics, and internal fit out.
Work on the foot path to the south of the building will continue, as will the placing of the last steel slipway sections. This means that there will be underwater obstructions in the area, and divers working. Therefore it is vital that boat users keep well clear of the lifeboat bay area. We apologise in advance for any disturbance that these works may cause.

Due to tidal works and the large number of activities on site, we will be working every weekend. We will limit any works creating excessive noise to daylight hours.
Once again I apologise in advance for any disturbance that these works may cause.  However, should you have any questions or would like to discuss these or any other matters further please do not hesitate to contact me on 07771 913 923.

Yours faithfully
Nuttall John Martin

Lloyd Wickens
Site Agent

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